Why should I replace window frames?

Why should I replace window frames?

Energy saving

Our planet needs and ought to be ECOLOGICALLY.
Aluminum window frames contribute to energy saving because they have increased heat insulation properties, helping to reduce electricity, oil and air consumption as little as possible. Using heat-shrinkable aluminum frames in a home reduces the heat loss by 1/5, while using a simple aluminum frame the reduction is 1/3.

It is possible to achieve up to 30% reduction in energy needs for heating simply by … changing windows. If this change is combined with the insulation of exterior walls, which is simple for existing buildings, energy savings reach 50%.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation ensures a constant temperature in the room, while the sound insulation “blocks” the outside sounds inwards and vice versa. A special blend of materials, the polyamide, is placed inside the frame and provides high thermal and sound insulation properties and, in combination with glazing thickness, ensures perfect results. Thermal insulation means winter-summer economy. So when one selects aluminum thermal break systems, it has provided a radical solution to its need for safety, functionality, durability and ultimate thermal insulation.

Wide variety of colors

Upgrading aesthetics through color affects our environment and everyday life. Color contributes significantly to the aesthetic upgrading and surplus value of aluminum frames. Aluminum has the ability to accommodate multiple colors on its surface so that the options are numerous and satisfy every architectural demand and trend. Indicatively, it can be painted on:

– an unlimited number of colors
electrostatic paint for high performance
– wood shades
which ensure a natural appearance
– inox shades
which lend a dynamic character to every modern construction

Durability and weather resistance.

It is known that aluminum is not easily eroded. Especially, if its maintenance is appropriate, its life is almost unlimited. An aluminum frame coupled with a good electrostatic paint give remarkable results. Even in extreme weather conditions such as cold in conjunction with moisture or saltiness in seaside areas, they are not a problem for aluminum frames.

Upgrading aesthetics

The renovation of buildings with the replacement of the frames is now a trend and imperative of the time to meet the high demands of contemporary and traditional architecture.
Dare to replace your old window frames with aluminum frames and create a new, beautiful, functional and completely different scene of life.

Maximum security

Increased burglary products are imperative nowadays, as crime is in bloom. The family of elvial multilock systems is the ideal, proven solution to the problem, enhancing our sense of security within our home. With special triplex glazing, special perimetric locking mechanism and certified breakthrough resistance to maximum dimensions, those who have to worry about are the burglars!


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