3 new MINIMAL Elvial aluminium systems in our showroom

3 new MINIMAL Elvial aluminium systems in our showroom

We have updated our showroom frames with 3 new MINIMAL systems.

  • 88 Xclusive entrance main door
  • W67 HI2 _BS opening with concealed sash
  • 6900 sliding MINIMAL Look

88 Xclusive main entrance door

The NEW Entrance System XCLUSIVE 88i2 sets new standards in Energy Efficient Doors, offering countless design options with a basic depth of only 77mm.

Increased Security Level thanks to its compatibility with wide range of security and anti-burglar locks.

Design of upgraded same level appearance entrances of high energy performance, which add value to the image of the building.





W67 HI2 _BS

Opening thermal insulation system W67 HI2 _BS for implementation of constructions with hidden sash. The main advantage of the hidden sash version is the maximization of natural light and the further reduction of the visible aluminum for minimal result.

Ultimate same level appearance on the inner side of the window, thanks to the application of a specially designed frame. Ideally featured to the application of a hidden tilt and turn mechanism and hinges.




This solution adapts to your design standards and aesthetic requirements adding value to any project.

Whether you come up with a plan for a small scale private project or an imposing public construction you can rest assured that this solution is what you need to masterfully materialize it.




6900 Sliding

Pure lines, a discreet but powerful outline around the window, of only 35.5mm*, and an Avant-Garde Technology, are all combined in the new MINIMAL Look system of ELVIAL.









ELVIAL’s top sliding MINIMAL Look system is the epitome of unpretentious elegance and combines excellent design, absolute design freedom, high technology and excellent thermal insulation with Uw ≥ 0.8 W / m2K.

The new aluminum systems are installed in our showroom in Agios Nikolaos for you. Make an appointment, by phone or via the contact form so you can see them closely and get informed how you can implement them in your projects.

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