Energy saving

Energy saving

Window Replacement = Energy Saving

Suppose we analyze the energy savings of an 80m2 house, which occupies 15sq.m. (average dimensions of double-sided glass door 1.40×2.10 = 2.94m2, average dimensions of 1.65×1.20 = 1.68m2)

Let’s say that:
The house is heated with oil and oil costs 0.6 € / liter
The average outdoor ambient temperature is 6 degrees Celsius
The graduation days for Northern Greece are 120
The availability of heating is 12 hours / day

In the case that the frames of the house are old-style single glazing and occupy 15 square meters, then they need 642 € for the heating of the house, of which 242 € arise from the thermal losses of the frames.

If replacement windows are installed and 5600 elvial multilock systems are installed, the cost of thermal losses from the frames is automatically reduced to 40 € / year … we have a saving of 202 € / year, resulting in .. SIMPLE by changing our cases!
In terms of liters of fuel and in the case of the old-style casings, 1,070 liters will be consumed. While, with the replacement of thermo-insulating frames, the liters required for heating are reduced to 733 .. we save, that is, 337 liters / year!

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